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V-Ray for 3ds Max New Service Pack Now Available, Support for 3ds Max 2014

Rendering by MOTYW
V-Ray 2.40.04 for 3ds Max is now available and includes the following important highlights: * Support for 3ds Max 2014; * Support for MultiScatter instancing in V-Ray RT: The new service pack further improves the integration between V-Ray and MultiScatter allowing the user to effectively render millions of polygons of instanced geometry with V-Ray RT; * Changed default settings of VFB's sRGB button, "Don't affect colors" option and "Gamma" value: V-Ray’s default settings have been modified to allow the use of Linear Workflow from the very beginning. more info here

Download V-Ray 1.6 for SketchUp Free Upgrade!

Rendering by Gerbe Dumahil 
V-Ray 1.6 for SketchUp is a massive upgrade to V-Ray for SketchUp which includes a series of new feature introductions that enhance visualization workflow and render quality such as V-Ray RT, V-Ray Dome Light and streamlining scene complexity with V-Ray Proxy. V-Ray 1.6 for SketchUp Free Upgrade! Purchase now and receive a free upgrade to 1.6 (offer requires purchase of licensing dongle and shipping). 1.6 estimated release date: August, 2013 Windows Edition: Mac Edition: Also Available: * V-Ray for SketchUp EDU * V-Ray for SketchUp EDU Lab Bundle (30 seats)

Featured JOB by VISMO in Copenhagen, Denmark

VISMO is seeking 2 architects or 3D enthusiasts to fill permanent positions in our Copenhagen office. We are an office located in the capital of Denmark, and we are doing visualizations for a wide range of architectural practices. We mainly do images for architectural competitions and our clients are mainly Scandinavian but at the moment we’re also doing projects in China, Canada, The Nederlands and the US. Our office consist of three architects working as a team. We mainly speak English at the office. We are organized as a flat hierarchy with a high level of independence. Each project is unique and we always aim for top quality visualizations. klik disini info selengkapnya