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RebusFarm, Pilihan Sofware Render Yang Patut di Coba

Bagi anda yang suka ber ekspsperimen hasil render, mungkin software RebusFarm patut anda coba, hasilnya tidak kalah dengan sofwar render lainnya, berikut ini deskripsinya... The next generation of RebusFarm is coming soon! Our new automated render technology is called RebusFarm 2.0 and will make your render workflow easier, faster and safer than ever before. The monitoring of your renderjobs and the communication between your workstation and the Rebus Render Farm will be LIVE! To complete our RebusFarm upgrade we also relaunched the CostCalculator and the RebusFarm App. After years of experience and development we are looking forward to finally present our new software update. To make the conversion to our new system as smooth as possible for you we would like to indroduce some of the new features and updates that are already released. More Info
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