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Solid Rock v.1 with MOAWizard

Solid Rock v.1 with MOAWizard
Kemarin aku dikirim email karo Jerome Prevost, sopo kui mas Jerome Prevost? ra ngerti to koe, beliau itu founder sofware solid rock, yaitu software yang digunakan untuk render seeting otomatis vray agar pas arep ngerender sampeyan rasah mumet2 ngutak-ngutek setingan vray. tinggal mak srut langsung dadi tinggal pencet tombol render. monggo langsung di baca aja, sip...

 SolidRocks V1 is out as free update ! 

Hi, argajogja. I'm pleased to announce the release of SolidRocks V1 (1.1.5). This build includes the brand new MOAWizard tool (Moving Objects Animation Wizard), a fully automated animation assistant. More infos here ! This Wizard handle DR, Backburner and even Farm rendering.

How to update ? Just login on SolidRocks website with your customer account and clic "Download" menu. Buy before 29/10/2012 and save 20€ ! If you plan to buy additionnal licences, this is the moment ! until 29/10/2012 you can buy SR at 54€ instead of 75€.

What's new in this build ? - MOAWizard tool - New "animation " preset for MOAWiz and FlyWiz - New serial system : more stable - New "from scene" option in Colormapping options - BB and DR buttons for easy access to net render

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